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 Polly Valera Boudoir Photography | South Florida

Hey gorgeous!!

Hi, I'm Polly! I am the owner, photographer and artist of Polly Valera Photography. I have a passion for boudoir photography and helping women feel amazing and sexy!

I believe that you are beautiful just how you are right now, and it’s my job to show you exactly what makes you beautiful. I aim to make you as comfortable as possible!


From the first boudoir shoot I did with a friend just to see what all fuss was about, I absolutely fell in LOVE and I knew right away it was what I wanted to do forever.


I am married to my best friend and my number one supporter. We are the parents of a fur baby, she is a dog with a very unique personality and somethings drives us crazy but I couldn't imagine my life without her.

When I am home you can often find me in yoga pants/shorts and flip-flops, with messy bun and no makeup. I love cooking, traveling, meeting new places and people, I am a foodie lover, beach lover and animal lover. I am obsessed with photographing everything I see or do, and I mean everything,  specially my fur baby.


OH, and I am a mojito lover.

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