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Welcome to the Body Confidence Project!

I am SO excited to bring this project to our communities to help women learn to love and accept their bodies! YOU get to help me accomplish this!! I believe that you are beautiful just how you are right now, and it’s my job to show you exactly what makes you beautiful. A session with me is about capturing you. It’s an opportunity for you to see yourself differently. It’s the chance to feel sexy in the skin you are in. Above all, it’s about you getting what you deserve, the ability to feel confident, empowered, and beautiful.


Join our Exclusive VIP Group

If you'd like to hear first-hand what real clients have to say about Boudoir by Polly Valera, need some inspiration, or have any questions on your session please join our exclusive group! — Girl, it's free too! There is a place for every type of woman on here no matter your age, shape, color, or size!


❤ You must be 21 or over to participate in our project


❤ You'll need to be able to get to our Deerfield Beach, Florida location.


 ❤ You will need to sign a full model release for your images allowing me to use them and tell YOUR STORY...your story is SO important and will help many women love themselves exactly as they are and under every life situation they've endured...just as you will love yourself more.


❤ You'll receive a professional makeover (hair and makeup) and a 60-90 minute VIP boudoir'll get to be a model for a day!


❤ You'll get access to my Client Closet - I have pieces in all different styles, sizes and colors.


 ❤ Expert Posing Instruction- I specialize in posing for all body types. I'll pose you from head to toes, so you have nothing to worry about!


❤ Complimentary phone consultation, where we will talk through every beautiful detail surrounding this experience.


❤ A $100 credit that you will be able to use towards ANY collection of your choice!  


❤ Same Day Image Reveal + Ordering Appointment - That's right.. you get to see and purchase your beautiful photos the same day as your photoshoot! 

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 There is a non-refundable discounted fee of $99 (regular $349) to reserve your spot and time on your big day! This fee will be collected during your phone consultation and will then be converted to a $100 credit that you will be able to use towards ANY COLLECTION of your choice!

This also tells me you are committed to coming in at your scheduled time.

Collections begin at $750 for a beautiful 6 image little black book (5x5) ($650 after your credit). Investment go up from there. What you spend is completely up to you! 

*We offer a few different kind of payment plans that we will go over during your phone consultation.


Just send a text to  954-504-3854 or an email to just saying 'HECK YES!' to show me you're in and I will get back to you and schedule your call to go over all the details and get started!

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This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!
Chat soon and thank you for applying! I look forward to working with you!

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